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Do shaving brushes make a difference?

It’s become trendy to use a shaving brush. We’re moving on from a purely convenient, functional shave. It’s a retro throwback to our grandfather’s pride mixed with a modern treat yo’self aesthetic. But do shaving brushes make a difference, really, to your shave? Or is this just a marketing ploy, or a new bit of effort to spend money and time on?

The reason shaving brushes have become so popular is that they really do make a difference to your shave, and your day. Men have been enjoying a much closer, easier and more satisfying shave with less irritation since starting to use a shaving brush. And it doesn’t hurt that it makes you feel like a very dapper gent.

But why do shaving brushes make a difference?

It’s not exactly the science bit, but there are plenty of reasons shaving brushes make a big difference to your shave. Rather than just slapping on some shaving foam, taking a moment to stir up a good lather with a shaving brush results in a whole new level of shaving.

The bristles of the brush pump up your skin, like giving it a little exfoliation. It gets a freshening up and at the same time the bristles of your brush prep the bristles on your face. Lifting them up and scrubbing off some dead skin means less ingrown hair. Softening up your stubble means a smoother shave with less irritation so the razor can slice right through. And because the hairs have been shook up and swirled around by your brush the razor can catch more of them and cut much closer.

But isn’t this expensive and time consuming? Actually, it doesn’t take long just to add a moment of lathering up with a shaving brush, compared to the difference it makes. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Our shaving brushes are great value and long lasting.

Once you give it a go and see how much of a difference shaving brushes make you won’t go back. Enjoying that smooth, close shave with better looking skin and less irritation. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch earlier.

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Common blackhead myths

The blackhead spot is a common scourge to clear skin and something that pretty much everyone has experienced at some point, if not daily. But despite being so widespread there is a lot of misinformation and myths about them.

The most common blackhead myth: blackheads are made of dirt

This is such a common belief, but totally wrong. Blackheads are actually made of oil and some bacteria – which everyone has on their face, clean or dirty. This gets clogged up in the pores. When the pore is open to the air it reacts with oxygen – oxidises – and gets a dark colouring. When you actually remove a blackhead you can see it is a much paler, oily colour.

Keeping the oil levels on your face down can help combat a blackhead but that’s not the same as dirty. People’s natural level of oil and areas affected are different.

Myth 2: Shrinking your pores

You have pores all over your body, they are an essential part of skin. There’s no getting rid of them – or shrinking them. Products that talk about shrinking pores can’t do anything physical – pores just are. You can minimise the look of them though, which is different but achieves the same effect.

Myth 3: Spots are for teenagers

Acne and whiteheads are more common in teenagers because of all the hormones but they, as well as blackheads, are common in adults too. And kids are starting with spots earlier now, due to puberty beginning earlier on average.

Myth 4: You can just squeeze a blackhead away

It’s not as simple as that. Squeezing a blackhead with your fingers is a recipe for trouble. You can accidentally push the blackhead further in, introduce new bacteria and germs from your fingers and cause swelling, redness and inflammation.

Instead, you should use a proper pimple popper, or comedone extractor, to take care of that blackhead in the most hygienic, easiest way.

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Nail files and your pamper party

Nail files symbolise a certain sort of elegance or pampering. A woman reclining with a cocktail, having her nails filed. Or a comfy night in, a fun film on the TV and you have a little pamper with a nice cup of tea.

So here are the ingredients for your perfect pamper party

To start off with, give your nails a good clean. Our wooden nail brush has flexible bristles that feel soft but will give you a good clean. And they come in a pack of two, so you can have one for normal dirt and keep one for your special relaxation time. Soak your hands for a minute or two first. You can use a little bubble bath or similar, or a drop of an essential oil.

Nail clippers are essential, for that initial trim and tidy up. However you like to do your nails, keeping them trimmed and tidy helps prevent snags and breakages. Having had a little soak will make the nails easier to cut and make sure you use strong, sharp clippers.

For the finishing touches you need nail files. PimplePopper have metal nail files in a handy pack of three. They are professional grade and stainless steel, so you know they are strong and durable.

After you’ve done with your little manicure make sure to use some soothing hand cream. It’s especially great in the colder weather and some varieties can boost your nails too.

For your other extremities the foot file will get your feet soft and smooth. If you like a bit of pain with your gain then grab a pack of the wax strips, as used by the professionals.

PimplePopper has everything you need, from nail files to wax strips, ready for your pamper session.

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Black head removal the easy way

Black head removal really can be easy and quick. You can do it without swelling and redness or risking infection. You just need the right black head removal tool.

That tool is a comedone extractor – also known as a pimple popper. It’s the safe, hygienic, easy and fuss free way to deal with your black heads.

If you squeeze your spots with your fingers then you really need to get a pimple popper. Using your fingers is unhygienic and risks infection. Ever had a black head get worse after squeezing, not better? Did it turn into a large, painful, swollen white head? That will be because dirt and bacteria from your fingers got into the skin through the wound left by the black head. Trying to deal with this infection caused the white head.

At best, squeezing your black heads with your fingers leaves your skin red, sore, irritated, puffy and swollen. You have to hide yourself away for hours until the redness goes down, or add lots of makeup. Fingers are too large and inaccurate – as well as too dirty – to do a proper job of squeezing spots.

How to use a pimple popper

Which is why you need a proper pimple popper. Well constructed and strong, using stainless steel, it is the right tool for the job. At either end is a loop – one larger and one smaller. Choose the best size for the spot in question. Black heads tend to be smaller so you will probably want the smaller end. Place it over the spot and apply a firm, even, but gentle pressure.

Then you can wash your pimple popper and pop it away for next time – keeping it safe and clean. Your skin won’t be all red and swollen. The wound will be safe from infection. And you can get on with your day after a successful and easy black head removal.

Photo by Logan Ripley on Unsplash

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Cotton wool balls and their amazing uses for personal care, beauty and so much more

Fluffy little cotton wool balls might not look too exciting or multifunctional. But their cloud-like appearance hides a multitude of uses.

The many amazing uses of cotton wool balls

Cotton wool balls, like their unsung friends the ear buds, are so versatile. Some people prefer cotton pads but it’s worth having some cotton wool balls around too.

The balls have a loose, open texture. So they are great at holding liquids. Toners, cleansers, nail varnish remover – all liquids work great with cotton balls.

For the same reason they are also great at cleaning up messes.

There’s lots of first aid uses for cotton wool balls too. Wipe away blood or put pressure on a little cut. Dab on antiseptic or clean up a messy area. It’s definitely having a few cotton balls tucked away with your plasters.

They are so soft they are lovely to use for babies as well. Clean between little fingers and toes or hygienically apply cream. Throw a few cotton balls in the nappy changing bag and you won’t regret it.

It’s much easier to pull a ball apart if you only need a smaller amount of cotton wool. Or you can pack a few in together for a bigger ball.

They also work great all around the house. For gentle cleaning or getting into tough to reach areas. Applying spot treatment or buffing up a polish. Rubbed in a petroleum jelly they even work great on the barbecue as cheap fire starters.

Whatever you use them for, PimplePopper has a great value large 100 pack of cotton wool balls.

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The worst thing about tweezers

Using tweezers

Tweezers get overlooked a lot. They are not the most glamorous of personal care instruments. In fact, they only really catch our attention when they aren’t working like they are supposed to.

Which brings us to the worst thing about them…

Blunt and misaligned tweezers

It’s not quite Halloween yet but this is truly a nightmare. We have all been there. Grasping and grasping at a hair that eludes our grip. You’re sure you have it but as you pull away you realise you’ve failed yet again. We finally latch on and pull but it slips away.

We’re getting hot and bothered. The skin around the hair is getting hot and bothered from being poked and pulled constantly. It’s taking forever.

The moral of this story is that your tweezers are actually very important. A good quality pair that are well looked after can make all the difference.

The tapered edge needs to meet firmly. The arms can get bent out of alignment easily. In cheaper, low quality tweezers, they may never have been aligned properly in the first place. This creates gaps where the tweezers can’t be fully pressed together and hairs can slip through.

The same thing can happen with blunt blades. The tips need a nice sharp line. Any dents or dullness allows hairs to escape.

So get rid of your old, battered pair and get a good quality new pair from PimplePopper.

To keep your tweezers in tip top condition gives them a clean and wipe them dry every so often. Protect the blades and try not to knock or drop them. Keep hold of that bit of plastic that comes with them and holds the blades together.

Tweezers can be the unsung heroes of your personal care products.

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Why do you need a blackhead extractor?

Nearly everyone has suffered from a blackhead at some point and they can be a regular battle for many. What’s the best weapon against blackheads? A professional, hygienic blackhead extractor: the pimple popper.

Why you need a blackhead extractor

You might think you have been getting along fine without a blackhead extractor. You might be using your fingers to squeeze your spots, maybe with a tissue to help. But once you see how well a real blackhead extractor works you won’t go back.

So you’ve been squeezing your blackheads with your fingers. That means you probably think the redness, swelling and irritation is just par for the course. And sometimes the blackheads get infected, get bigger, or turn into whiteheads. That’s just normal, right?

No. It’s not normal – at least, it doesn’t have to be. You can remove blackheads without swelling and redness. You just need a proper blackhead extractor.

How to use a pimple popper

The pimple popper is a simple tool for blackhead extraction. It has two loops at either end of different sizes, for different sized spots. Blackheads often only need the smaller loop. Place the loop over the spot and press for easy squeezing.

It’s not just easier either. It’s much more hygienic than using your fingers. Our fingers carry dirt and bacteria even when they look clean. If you squeeze spots with your fingers they can transfer that dirt and bacteria into the empty pore. This is why squeezed blackheads can get infected, blocked again, or turn into whiteheads.

Because the loop is much smaller than your fingers the pressure is more accurate. This means less force is needed and over a smaller area. So there is less redness, swelling and irritation. Those side effects aren’t caused by the spot but by squeezing with large, stubby, imprecise fingers.

So those are the many advantages of a blackhead extractor.

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Fingernail clippers and other personal care essentials

How complicated can fingernail clippers be, you ask yourself. So you buy any old cheap clippers. But then when it comes time to actually trim your nails you discover the problem. Blunt blades make a mess of clipping your nails. Flimsy construction of the clippers mean they slip and slide, bend and break.

Just because these are personal care basics doesn’t mean you should scrimp on them. The items you use every day should be of good quality and reliable.

PimplePopper’s range of fingernail clippers and personal care essentials are great quality and even better value

So get fingernail clippers with strong jaws and sharp blades made from durable stainless steel.

Tweezers are another important essential that can leave you frustrated with poor quality. Blunt, misaligned tips are a common problem. Our tweezers are sharp, accurate and strong with tapered tips.

How often do you misplace your nail file, or wish you had one to hand? Our metal nail files come in a handy pack of three so you can have one at home, one at work and one in your gym bag. No need to suffer a torn, jagged nail all day.

Combs are exactly the same, which is why our black combs come in a fantastic value pack of five.

Do you prefer cotton wool pads or cotton wool balls? Either way, get a pack of 100 and stay stocked up. And don’t forget cotton buds either – with eco friendly paper sticks. And check out our unusual tips for using ear buds.

Not forgetting, of course, the pimple popper itself. A simple, safe and hygienic way to pop spots of all kinds.

From fingernail clippers to cotton wool balls, get all your personal care essentials from Pimple Popper for great quality and even better value.

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The black head tool trusted by experts

If you want to banish your black heads you need a black head tool that is safe and hygienic.

A comedone extractor, or pimple popper, is the black head tool you need. And it’s one that is used by beauticians and dermatologists.

What are some of the problems with other black head tools?

Let’s be honest, most people’s version of a black head tool is their fingers. Pretty convenient, but that’s about the only positive. Even if you use a tissue, fingers are a terrible black head tool.

Why? Several reasons. Our fingers are very useful tools and we can do a lot with them. But they are not designed as black head tools. Pimple poppers are, they are designed solely for squeezing black heads. Fingers are too large for the job and too stubby. That means they squeeze and press at a lot of skin that is nothing to do with the black head. Which leads to redness and swelling – painful and unsightly.

Plus, our fingers are dirty. Even when we wash them. When we squeeze a spot using our fingers there’s a good chance dirt and bacteria will be transferred. A popped white head or squeezed black head leaves what is basically an open wound. Our fingers put dirt and and bacteria right into that wound. Which can cause swelling, infection, and a whole new spot to form.

What’s the best black head tool?

Which brings us to the pimple popper. Our pimple popper is the best black head tool to safely and hygienically squeeze your black heads. It is small, accurate, and easy to keep clean. There’s less redness, swelling and irritation.

So for a real black head tool try a PimplePopper comedone extractor!

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Wax strips and a proper pamper

Waxing might not be the most fun of tasks but it doesn’t have to be a chore. With your wax strips in hand try a few of Pimple Popper’s other great personal care products to give yourself a proper pamper.

Start with a hemp glove and give your legs a nice scrub down in the shower or bath. This mitt makes it easy to control the pressure so you can be as gentle or as vigorous as you like.

Softening the skin and getting rid of dead or dried bits will make your waxing that much easier. Having an exfoliating scrub also helps in releasing ingrown hairs.

While you are there, give the hard, rough skin on your feet a rub with a pumice stone. Dried, cracked heels or bunions and other hard spots can be a real pain. They rub in your shoes and keep you from wearing sandals.

So after soaking your feet for a while – fifteen minutes or so ideally – crack out the pumice stone. Work gently in a circular motion. Go for many, gentle strokes rather than a few rough ones.

Or, if you prefer, use a foot file after the bath to smooth your skin.

Feeling nice and refreshed you can get down to the business of waxing. Our wax strips are great quality paper waxing strips. And they are great value too – in a pack of 100 so you don’t have to worry about running out.

At PimplePopper you can get all the products you need to turn a routine waxing session into a little pamper party.

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