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Using ear buds safely – with a few unusual tips

Ear buds are a fantastically useful tool – but most people are using them wrong and risking all sorts of damage.

They were never intended to be stuck down into the inner ear and the packaging always warns against it – but so many of us do exactly that. It can actually make ear wax problems worse, by impacting it and causing more of a blockage. And in extreme cases it can even perforate the eardrum.

If you do have a problem with ear wax see your GP or a professional who can use safe methods, such as washing with a special solution.

Here are a few excellent – and safe – uses for your ear buds

  • Using ear buds to clean the outer ear is fine! Just don’t go into the inner ear and sweep outwards away from the inner ear.
  • Ear buds are a fantastic tool for applying or removing makeup. Smaller, more maneuverable and more accurate than larger cotton wool pads or balls.
  • For baby they can be used in small areas such as between fingers and toes, behind ears and so on.
  • In first aid an ear bud can be used to gently clean small cuts or grazes and apply washes or ointment.
  • On your pets an ear bud can help clean all those tricky to reach places and apply creams.
  • Even in DIY – ear buds are small enough to get into difficult cracks to clean, dab oil, dipped in stain remover, and all sorts of clever uses.

Ear buds are so flexible and multi functional that it’s always worth having some on hand. Just don’t stick them right in your ear!

Our soft cotton ear buds have environmentally friendly paper sticks. And they come in a fantastic value pack of 2000. So you don’t need to worry about stocking up and always have some around.

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Synthetic shaving brush secrets for the best shave

Shaving Brush

A synthetic shaving brush is an essential bit of kit for getting a really good shave. Using a shaving brush adds an important extra step to shaving that will make all the difference.

And because our synthetic shaving brush is 100% vegan and cruelty free you can get a great shave in good conscience.

Using a synthetic shaving brush

The key to the best shave is in the preparation. Which is where your shaving brush comes in. Using a good quality shaving soap or foam, use your brush to work up a really good lather. The brush doesn’t just help you get a good lather. It prepares the skin by softening and loosening up the hair and follicles. This makes them easier for the razor to cut. There will be less irritation and a closer shave.

The brush also gently exfoliates the skin for that really healthy look. The massaging effect stimulates blood flow to the skin leaving you feeling fresh. It will prevent ingrown hairs too.

This is the secret to the best shave, and you can do it yourself at home with our great value synthetic shaving brush.

The shaving brush looks like a classic shaving accessory with its black handle and attractive design. Traditional shaving brushes are expensive and made with culled badger or boar hair. But the synthetic shaving brush gives the same great shave without the animal products. It’s also much less expensive.

There’s no need to rush through shaving in your morning routine. Use a synthetic shaving brush and treat yourself to the best shave.

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Hair combs to the rescue

Hair combs are the unsung heroes of grooming and personal care. Such a simple little thing but we would be lost without them.

A hero is always there in an emergency. Wherever you need hair combs, make sure they are there too.

Perhaps your hair needs a quick run through when you have been out in the wind or rain. After a workout at the gym. One last quick tidy up before you leave the house, or before you get into work.

Combs are not exactly the sort of thing you want to loan out either. When anyone asks to borrow one you don’t want to be mean and refuse. But you aren’t going to want to use it again after.

That’s what’s so smart about getting a great value pack of five hair combs from PimplePopper. One stays at home, one goes in the glove box in the car, one in the bag. One at the office and one in a gym bag and you have all your bases covered.

Our black men’s hair combs come in a handy pack of five in a classic style. So if yours are always going missing, getting borrowed, or there’s never one around when you need it, you are sorted.

No more searching through all your bags or cursing wondering where you put your single, solitary comb. Get prepared, get stocked up, get all the hair combs you need with PimplePopper.

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A pumice stone for soft summer feet

The summer this year has been a bit “variable” to say the least but there’s still some life in it yet. So there might still be the chance to crack out your sandals or make it to the beach. That means keeping your feet in top summer condition – with the reliable pumice stone.

A pumice stone is a easy, low-tech way to keep your feet nice and smooth. Rub away the dry, dead skin that causes calluses and cracked heels.

And even if the summer doesn’t rally again, it’s still nice to have fresh feet.

Have a pamper and a pedicure with a pumice stone

A pumice stone is great for sloughing of all that dead skin but you can do a little preparation to help. Soak your feet for a while, five minutes is fine but up to fifteen minutes would be better. This could be in the bath or just the feet in a bowl. For extra softness you can add an oil, or a touch of a nice relaxing bubble bath.

Rather than furiously attacking the problem area go for a slow and steady approach. Wet the pumice stone and then rub in a circular motion, lightly, for a few minutes. It should not hurt, so stop if it gets painful. If you have a tough buildup it might take a few sessions to sort out. Have patience and you will have lovely soft feet in no time.

Once you have finished your scrubbing, rinse off the pumice and leave it to dry. Then treat your feet to some nice moisturising cream.

PimplePopper’s pumice stone comes with a rope for easy hanging and storing. Pair with our foot file or hemp glove for a squeaky clean session for your feet.

Photo by Ana Grave on Unsplash

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Cotton pads pros and cons

It might seem an unlikely sort of thing to have a debate about but the issue of cotton buds v cotton pads v cotton balls attracts a lot of opinions. Each has their strengths in certain situations, each has their weaknesses. A common element is the cotton, and the fact you can get great value on them all here at PimplePopper.

So in the face-off between cotton buds, cotton pads and cotton balls, what comes up tops?

Cotton pads pros and cons

First, cotton buds are a little different from cotton pads or cotton balls because they have the stick and the smaller “bud” shapes on either end. Their big strength is that they can be used in much smaller areas than the others. Use them to clean the ear – but don’t go too far inside or you can impact the ear wax and damage the inner ear.

Cotton buds are also great at the smaller work in makeup application or removal.

Cotton pads are different in that they are compressed and shaped rather than a ball of fluffy cotton like cotton balls. This makes them stronger with holding liquids and less likely to collapse or end up a soggy mess. The quilted, compressed feature means they are less likely to leave behind threads or to unravel. So they are also good for buffing, or for manicures and pedicures.

On the other hand, cotton balls are a pure ball of fluff. They are a bit more flexible than the others as they can more easily be torn up into shorter pieces. They are also more absorbent and good for creams, toners and oils.

Some people just prefer the more compact, less thready, nature of cotton pads. Others just like a traditional cotton ball. And many people will have them all on stock for different uses.

Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash

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Simple pimple remedies

Why use a pimple popper?

If you are suffering from spots you need some simple pimple remedies you can rely on. There are more expensive creams making big promises or you can rely on tried and tested, time honoured techniques.

How to use a pimple popperUse a proper pimple popper – a comedone extractor. Beauticians and dermatologists use the real deal to handle acne. The loops on either end fit over the spots, either large or small, blackheads or whiteheads. With gentle pressure it safely and cleanly pops the spot. It’s much more hygienic than using your fingers, which can be dirty and introduce bacteria to the spot and make it worse.

If you are keen to keep your pimple remedies all-natural we have information on blackhead treatment without chemicals. Popular natural pimple remedies include lemon juice or apple cider vinegar as a wash or topical treatment. The acids in lemon juice and the vinegar help dry out the skin to stop pimples in their tracks.

Prevention is better than cure and you can do your best to avoid pimples in the first place by drinking plenty of water, using the right products for your skin type and keeping your stress levels down. Sometimes, too much washing or with the wrong products can actually make skin worse. If the skin is dried out it can start making more oil in response. So you need to moisturise well too, even if it seems counter-intuitive.

Stress can play havoc with your hormones – which are a major cause of breakouts. Finding the time to unwind and getting at least eight hours sleep a night will help keep your mood and your skin on an even keel.

You can get all the pimple remedies and beauty supplies you need from So you can treat your pimples and treat yourself to a manicure or an exfoliating scrub at the same time.

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Safe and hygienic blackhead removal

No-one likes having to deal with blackheads but you can get a safe and hygienic blackhead removal tool that gets the job done easier.

A comedone extractor – or pimple popper – is a specialised tool for dealing with spots, including blackhead removal. It works by using the hooped ends to apply pressure to the spot and force it out. Our pimple popper has two different sized hoops so you can deal with any size of spot, blackhead or whitehead.

How to use a pimple popperBlackheads are caused by naturally occurring oils and dead skin collecting in your pores, creating a plug or clog. This can get raised (a comedone) and become darker in colour, appearing black from a distance, even though it is naturally a yellowy oil colour.

The problem with squeezing or picking at blackheads is that your fingers can be dirty, which introduces new bacteria and dirt into the wound left by the blackhead that can make the infection worse. The blackhead will get a new lease of life and continue, or turn into a whitehead.

Blackhead removal with a proper pimple popper is more hygienic and safer. It’s also more accurate than using your fingers and doesn’t damage the surrounding skin. Redness, swelling and irritation after a spot-squeezing session are caused by using our fingers. But a pimple popper is small and accurate enough just to deal with the pimple in question and not cause that redness and swelling.

To be really safe, before and after a blackhead removal you should wash the area, and also the pimple popper itself to get rid of any bacteria or dirt. Washing with warm water beforehand will also help with the blackhead removal by softening the oil in the blackhead and make it easier to remove.

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How to pluck your eyebrows

How to pluck your eyebrows

Trends in eyebrow fashion come and go but some advice will stand the test of time. Here’s PimplePopper’s advice on how to pluck your eyebrows.

Work out your shape – You should be plucking to enhance your eyebrow’s natural shape, not trying to force it into a new one. Your eyebrow should start above your tear ducts and the inner eye. To find the end point draw a line from your nose to the outer corner of your eye until it intersects the brow.

Find the curve – Once you have plucked hair that falls outside the beginning and end of the brow, as above, work on the underside of the brow to create the arch.

Map it out – It can be useful to draw on your arch before you start plucking. This gives you a guide to follow rather than figuring it out as you go along, which could lead to mistakes or overplucking.

Get the best eyebrow tweezers – You can see our guide to the best eyebrow tweezers and it will make all the difference to your plucking. Blunt tips and misaligned blades can cause frustration as well as redness and swelling as you struggle to pluck your brows.

Pluck post-shower – The warm water opens up your pores and softens the hair and skin so it should be easier and less painful to pluck your eyebrows. If not a shower then try splashing some warm water on your face first.

Reduce redness – Good tweezers mean you can pluck more efficiently and this reduces redness and swelling. Aim to remove hairs in one decisive action, in the direction of the hair, as multiple tries will only increase the irritation.

The gentleman’s pluck – Guys should concentrate on the space between their eyebrows to avoid a mono-brow. Strays under the arch aren’t a problem for men.

So there’s our top tips on how to pluck your eyebrows.

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The best eyebrow tweezers

Best eyebrow tweezers

Choosing the best eyebrow tweezers will save you hours of frustration, avoid worse redness and swelling when plucking your eyebrows… and eventually having to buy new tweezers when you decide it isn’t worth the hassle.

So what makes great eyebrow tweezers? What do the top eyebrow tweezers all have in common?

The best eyebrow tweezers have properly aligned blades

The alignment of the blades is one of the biggest issues with eyebrow tweezers. If they are mismatched it can cause all sorts of frustration as the tweezers don’t hold on to hairs properly.

Why are they often out of alignment? Poorer quality tweezers that aren’t manufactured to the highest standards often have mismatched blades where even the slightest variance can render tweezers virtually unusable. Dropping the tweezers can knock the blades out of alignment too.

The best eyebrow tweezers have sharp, slanted tips

Slanted tips help you angle the tweezers for accurate plucking, which is a real advantage of good eyebrow tweezers.

It’s very important that they are sharp enough too. Blunt edges on the tips stop you from getting a good grip on the hair. This can mean trying to pluck multiple times, running the risk of causing extra swelling and redness. Blunt edges are one of the most frustrating things about poor quality tweezers and one of the biggest reasons for them needing replacing.

The best eyebrow tweezers are great quality

To top it all off you need a great quality build for your tweezers. Durable and enduring, able to cope with a few knocks and life in a steamy bathroom or banged around in a makeup bag or purse. Our eyebrow tweezers are made of high quality stainless steel so they won’t rust in the damp environment of a bathroom.

That’s what goes into the best eyebrow tweezers, like ours.

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Hygienically extract pimples

Hygienically extract pimples

Believe it or not, there are ways you can hygienically extract pimples! So many people live with acne and spend serious amounts of time, money and energy trying to improve their skin and get rid of their spots. Even if they are successful there can be another problem left in its place: acne scarring. Which people then spend serious amounts of time, money and energy trying to improve. But with the right acne removal tool it doesn’t have to be this way.

The comedone extractor is a specialised pimple popper. The looped ends go around the spot and when you apply a gentle pressure the spot is squeezed – cleanly and quickly. The best comedone extractors are dual tipped, with one loop on each end. The loops are different sizes so they can fit snugly round both large and small spots, whiteheads or blackheads.

A proper acne removal tool is a far better choice than using your fingers to squeeze or pick at the spot. If you use your fingers they can introduce dirt and bacteria into the spot – which can make the spot worse. So a comedone extractor is far more hygienic.

A method to hygienically extract pimples

It’s also a more accurate acne removal tool than just your fingers and causes less redness, swelling and irritation to the pimple and the area around it. Normally when squeezing spots with your fingers it looks even worse for the next hour or more. But with a pimple popper it is discreet and quick and you can even leave the house straight away.

So you can avoid redness, swelling, irritation and infection as well as long term acne scarring if you use the right acne removal tool.