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Cotton pads pros and cons

It might seem an unlikely sort of thing to have a debate about but the issue of cotton buds v cotton pads v cotton balls attracts a lot of opinions. Each has their strengths in certain situations, each has their weaknesses. A common element is the cotton, and the fact you can get great value on them all here at PimplePopper.

So in the face-off between cotton buds, cotton pads and cotton balls, what comes up tops?

Cotton pads pros and cons

First, cotton buds are a little different from cotton pads or cotton balls because they have the stick and the smaller “bud” shapes on either end. Their big strength is that they can be used in much smaller areas than the others. Use them to clean the ear – but don’t go too far inside or you can impact the ear wax and damage the inner ear.

Cotton buds are also great at the smaller work in makeup application or removal.

Cotton pads are different in that they are compressed and shaped rather than a ball of fluffy cotton like cotton balls. This makes them stronger with holding liquids and less likely to collapse or end up a soggy mess. The quilted, compressed feature means they are less likely to leave behind threads or to unravel. So they are also good for buffing, or for manicures and pedicures.

On the other hand, cotton balls are a pure ball of fluff. They are a bit more flexible than the others as they can more easily be torn up into shorter pieces. They are also more absorbent and good for creams, toners and oils.

Some people just prefer the more compact, less thready, nature of cotton pads. Others just like a traditional cotton ball. And many people will have them all on stock for different uses.

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