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Why use a pimple popper?

Why use a pimple popper?

When you think of immediate remedies for your pimples using a pimple popper hits the list at first place. Why use a pimple popper, you may ask. Apart from removing your pimple immediately, there are numerous advantages to using a pimple popper to pop your pimples. Some of the advantages of using a pimple popper are:

  • Fast
  • Hygienic
  • Less painful
  • Less likelihood of scarring
  • Minimal damage done to the surrounding skin

In spite of its numerous advantages, popping a pimple is not free from challenges. Pimple popping has its downsides too. If not popped hygienically, it may trigger future breakouts. To avoid the risk of infections and scarring it is always better to use a proper pimple popping tool.

By popping pimples with your fingers (or a tissue), you risk leaving additional debris and bacteria in the open pore once you’ve popped the pimple. This could lead to further pimples, infection or scarring.

However, when you use a pimple popper, the whole process becomes much faster, more efficient and more hygienic. Provided that you properly clean your pimple popper before use, the chance of further infection from the bacteria on your fingers is very low.

Why use a pimple popper tool?

Using your pimple popper tool must be followed with a hygienic procedure. There are a few must be followed steps while popping a pimple like washing your hands and the tool, disinfecting the skin around the acne etc. Following these hygiene steps and using your pimple popper means that the chance of scarring and damage to the surrounding tissues is much lower as using a pimple popper is far more precise and accurate than using your stubby fingers.

If you are not sure about the way to pop a pimple, and still you want an immediate remedy of popping it, you may visit a dermatologist. Even dermatologists use pimple extractors or pimple poppers. They sterilise the tool before using it. You may learn the procedure from an expert or your dermatologist.

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