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What’s in a pimple?

Pimples are small skin inflammations.  They are little lump of pus sitting on your face is made up of sebum, oil, debris and bacteria which has filled up a pore meaning that the pore can no longer breath and therefore has inflamed. Though pimples are a very common skin issue they are irritating. Pimples rob the charm of your face and leaves behind scars which dwell on for a long time. There are numerous ways to treat pimples but resorting to harsh treatments like chemical peel, ointments and creams have many side effects. So it is better to treat your pimples in a mild manner and opt skin friendly remedies. Such treatments may take a longer time to show its effects but are free from side effects.

There are several forms of a pimple: The most common ones of them are:

  • Whiteheads – these are the smaller lumps which are full of a white, creamy liquid
  • Blackheads – these are the black spots on your face that are pores clogged with dirt
  • Papules– these are small lumps that form bumps on your skin
  • Pustules– these are large, deep pimples that are filled with pus
  • Nodules– these are even bigger and deeper pustules
  • Cysts– these are generally very deep and very large, will not have a whitehead and can cause bad scarring.

You may keep off from pimples by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Pimples occur mostly due to dearth of hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. So, it’s better if they are avoided by regulating your habits like sleeping for a minimum span of 8 hours, drinking enough water, eating at least six servings of fruits each week , remove your make-up before you go to bed etc. Once you start with a healthy lifestyle, the glow will be seen in your skin. However you have to shield yourself from the external factors which triggers your breakouts. Be mindful in choosing your daily moisturiser. A popular moisturiser might not suit your skin. The composition of the moisturiser must suit your skin. So, select it accordingly.

Pimples are better not squeezed. You may become impatient at times to get rid of all pimples from your face and squeeze them. Squeezing a pimple may let off the pus and it may fill the surrounding pores triggering future breakouts. If you want immediate remedy from a pimple it is best to use a pimple popper tool. Using a pimple popper tool must be followed with some steps of hygiene.

The best way to deal with pimples is to deal them with patience. So the next time you see a pimple, reflect your daily habits, understand the composition of moisturiser which will be suitable for your skin. Once you reflect these facts and understand what is wanted by your skin, you are ready to do away with your pimples. This will help you prevent future breakouts.

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