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What causes a pimple?

Everyone would agree to the fact that there’s nothing worse than spotting a pimple right on your face early in the morning as you glance in the mirror. A pimple is caused by a pore in your skin being blocked. This blockage could be due to debris or bacteria among other things. Pimples may start appearing as early as the strike of puberty and continues for a number of years.

A number of factors such as hormonal stimulation, excessive oil production and bacteria built-up lead to pimples. Let’s take a look at few factors that trigger pimple breakouts:

1. Stress

Pimples are one of the most common forms in which stress manifests. Both physical as well as mental stress lead to the release of a stress hormone called cortisol. When the level of this hormone elevates, as a direct response a person starts getting pimples. So, the best way to avoid acne is to avoid stress altogether. You have numerous ways in your hand to regulate stress. Implement them to lead a happy and healthy life. The results will reflect in your skin.

2. Climate

Climate is one of those many external factors which lead to breakouts in your skin. The change of environment – humidity, weather or even water (minerals, fluoride or other elements) – can take a toll on your skin. The skin reacts to these changes by the sudden breakouts of pimples. Shielding your skin from the harshness of climate is the best way to avoid such pimples. Moisturising your skin in regular intervals during dry seasons, using climate relevant moisturisers, washing your face two times regularly to keep off sweat and using a sunscreen throughout the year are some of the necessary tips for a healthy skin.

3. Food habits

There is a direct link between your diet and the pimples that pop up on your skin. There must be some truth in the saying “You are what you eat”, because what you eat definitely affects the way you look. A diet high in sugary snacks, chips, oily and junk food can lead to pimple breakouts. So, a healthy diet is the key to  healthy skin. Eat at least six servings of fruits and vegetable each week to get the healthy glow in your skin. Even the drink you take matters. If you ever wonder which drink is best for skin, the simple answer is water. It’s free, it’s the elixir of your body. If you crave for a healthy skin in long run drink at least eight glasses of water each day.

4. Use of cosmetics

Make-up products with thick, overly creamy textures or any products that come in stick form are more likely to clog pores, creating a perfect environment for pimples to grow. Even when you apply makeup make sure that you remove every speck of it before going to bed at night. Wiping your face with a mild toner before going to bed must be your regular habit.

By making efforts to take care of each of these aspects, you can go a long way in keeping pimples under control.By making efforts to take care of each of these aspects, you can go a long way in keeping pimples under control.

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