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How to pop a pimple?

Popping a pimple with a pimple popper tool is simple. A pimple popping tool is a simple metallic rod with two loops at its ends. If you’re using one of Pimple Poppers then use the small loop on the Pimple Popper for small pimples or, for bigger pimples, use the larger loop. Ensure that you have cleaned the pimple popper under hot water before using. Then simply place the chosen loop over the pimple and gently apply pressure to the pimple popper. There are different kinds of pimple poppers. Some pimple popper tools also have a spatula like end. The pimple popper you use depends on the pimple you are going to pop.

Popping a pimple should be accomplished with a hygienic procedure. Before embarking on to pop a pimple you should check the pimple.  For most pimples, you should find that the pimple will pop right out. However, some pimples are not ready to be popped and some just require a bit of extra pressure in order to be extracted. It is always best to wait until a clear whitehead is visible before trying to pop the pimple.

Do ensure that you don’t push it too hard! If applying pressure to the pimple popper is too painful then it is likely that the pimple is just not quite ready to be popped! If popping the pimple is urgent, you could try wetting a cotton pad with warm water and applying to the pimple area for a few minutes and then trying to pop it again. If this still does not work, then stop and wait a day or two for the pimple to be ready for popping.

If your pimple is ready to be popped, don’t miss out on any of these steps while popping the pimple:

First wash your hands, even underneath the nails using a proper disinfectant and also wash the pimple popper using alcohol. Though your nails and hands actually should not touch the pimple, having your hands properly cleaned will reduce the likelihood of infection.

Clean the skin around the pimple. It will remove any bacteria, sweat or dirt in the surrounding skin and shield the pore of the pimple from any bacterial infection after you pop it. It is better if you use an antibacterial cleanser like alcohol and use a cotton ball to swab it on the skin surface. Gently swab it on the area around the acne. Avoid too hard scrubbing as it will irritate the skin further.

Boil a bowl of water and put your face over the steam to open up the pores of your pimple. It will allow the sebum to exit the pimple through the pore easily. This will lessen the chance of scarring your skin.

Place the pimple popper around your pimple and gently press it to push out the pus. Ensure that all the pus is extracted from the pore.

After you are done with popping the pimple wipe the area with an antiseptic solution.

These are safety tips for popping a pimple. If you want to prevent future breakouts, they must be followed without fail.

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