PimplePopper: The World's #1 Pimple Popper

What is a PimplePopper?

A PimplePopper is a small tool used to precisely and hygienically extract pimples from your skin with minimal damage. By using a PimplePopper you can extract spots, pimples and blackheads just before having a shower and by the time you’re done the pimple will already be disappearing.

When comparing using a PimplePopper to popping a spot or blackhead with your fingers, you will see a massive reducing in redness, less swelling and a much lower risk of infection from the bacteria on your fingers.

Why do I need a Pimple Popper?

If you ever pop pimples, spots or blackheads on your face, or anywhere on your body for that matter, then you need a PimplePopper. By using your fingers, or even a tissue to remove blackheads or pimples, the chance of doing more damage to your skin is very high. However, by using our blackhead and pimple removal tool, you can reduce the risk of skin damage significantly, the healing time will decrease and you’ll be much less likely to leave any scarring. .

Our PimplePoppers are also dual tipped with different sized poppers so you can use the removal tool on pimples and blackheads of all shapes and sizes!

How do I get my hands on the leading spot and blackhead removal tool, PimplePopper?

Well, you buy one from us of course!

We sell our PimplePoppers including free domestic shipping and returns from our warehouses in the USA and the UK. For mainland Europe we offer low cost and fast shipping options from our warehouse in the UK.

Our PimplePoppers are made of high quality stainless steel and come with a one year quality guarantee and a full 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.